VideoRTC.js allows customers and developers to add real-time communication capabilities into their applications and workflows by using a JavaScript client library.


  • Detect: Allows to know information about the local browser and media devices connected.

  • EchoTest: To establish a P2P connection between the client and the VideoGateway.

  • GetDevices: Gets the list of available media devices in the browser/app.

  • SIP: Module that allows to build SIP usecases in a simple way.

  • SplitAgent: Allows to open a Pop-up Agent Window that is required for get the Video stream from SPLIT. In addition, it has extra features like ScreenSharing, FileSharing and Recording.

  • SplitClient: Allows a User to make Calls or Videocalls over a WebRTC compliant Web Browser. This usecase call the SPLIT module in order to join a Contact Center Popup-Agent peer.

  • VideoCall: Allows to make a VideoCall between peers full WebRTC (peer-to-peer).

  • VideoMail: Allows to record a Video Message and post it in the VideoGateway.

  • VideoPlayer: Allows to play out any Video Message recorded previously by the VideoMail or SPLIT.

  • VideoRoom: Allows to join a public/private conference to until 6 users using a peer-to-peer connection.


VideoRTC.js has been designed as a JavaScript library.

You can easily add the following script tag on your web page or app:

<script src="dist/videortc.min.js"></script>


First of all, you need to configure a connection with the VideoGateway:

var myVideoApp = new VideoRTC(endPoints, iceServers, debugLevel, apiSecret);
  • endPoints {string[]}: Array of Gateway Endpoints.

    • Example:
      • [""]
      • ["wss://"]
  • iceServers {object[]}: List of ICE Servers.

    • Example:
      • [{url: "turn:server", username: "myuser", credential: "******"}]
      • [{url: "stun:server:port"}]
  • debugLevel {boolean|string|Array}: Log level

    • Example:
    • "all", false, ["trace", "debug", "vdebug", "log", "warn", "error"]
  • apiSecret {string}: API Secret

    • Example:
    • "********"






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